Timber/ Lumber Wood Categories with Applications

Timber is a wood taken from the trees after a cut or fallen that has been formed into planks or beams and using it for many applications by the whole world. Timber is said as lumber in some countries which is a raw material to be processed for next use. The timber wood is applicable when it’s grown in a particular dimensional size to make it as planks and for further applications such as furniture, building materials, structural purpose and also used for plywoods (man-made wood). Timber is categorized into two forms as softwood and hardwood where the characteristics and family of the tree differentiate the usage of it.

  1. Softwood Timber
  2. Softwood Timber is gymnosperm trees collected from the conifer trees (needle shaped leaves) which is evergreen in all seasons.
  3. It is soft and less weight than hardwood because of less dense with straight fibre.
  4. It is light colored due to young wood that has resinous with good texture and fragrance.
  5. Softwood needs high rate burning.
  6. An expense is less than hardwood.
  7. Softwood is used for paper pulp, wood products and furniture.
  8. Hardwood Timber
  9. Hardwood Timber is angiosperm trees collected from the deciduous trees that lose the leaves in autumn season.
  10. It is hard and high weight than softwood because of high dense with closed fibre.
  11. It is dark colored wood that has non-resinous.
  12. Hardwood needs low rate burning.
  13. An expense is high than softwood.
  14. Hardwood is used for furniture making, building works, and paper pulp.