Marine Plywood for Waterproof Applications

Marine Plywood is a wood material manufactured mainly for marine applications that has many layers of plies or wood veneer similar to the exterior plywood and sealed with binder for water submersion. Generally, the regular plywoods are made with 3 to 5 thin layers of plies/wood but not in marine plywood. Of course, the marine plywood has many layers with negligible core gap and stable glue bond where it is the Water and Boil Proof (WBP) glue or resin made from phenol formaldehyde that give more strength and stiffness than other plywoods to prevent from long-time moisturizer.

Marine Plywood is waterproof plywood applied mainly for boat construction, boat dock, lake platform, deck, kitchen, bathroom and subfloors. These are the places with wet and humid for long periods. For boat making, marine plywood is less expensive than the fibre-glass and prevent from moisture. The lake platform and boat dock are constructed in the water areas where it is always in wet condition for long years. So, the marine plywood gives a best quality waterproof with proper sealing using WBP glue. Equally, this plywood is so perfect for kitchen, bathroom and subfloors where the usage of water is frequent in those places. Subsequently, it protect from wet damage, rotting and fungal issues.